Add New Trip

Add New Trip

From any page Click Trips,

Cursor will be in Find Box

Enter Vessel Name, Rego, Marine Assist

Click GREEN Find button

• From the Search result(s) (Marine Assist or trip History matches) confirm you have the correct vessel by last digits of mobile phone or vessel rego, then • Click on Trip.

This will open the Create a New Trip Form, which is pre-filled with vessel details (Vessel Name, Rego, Contact Name, Contact Phone, Departure Date and Time. Search results are either Marine Assist Matches or Log History matches.

Fill in other necessary fields, e.g. • POB • Radio Channel (from dropdown) • Departure Location (start typing and accept suggestion or keep typing if location not listed or from dropdown list in next box) • Waypoint Location (start typing and accept suggestion or keep typing if location not listed or from dropdown list in next box) • Return Date (If not today) • Return Time (24 hour format, no colons i.e 1230 not 12:30) • Return Location (Only required if different from Departure Location) • Comments • Click Save • Vessel trip details will appear in Active Log Page

If vessel not found by Find

If vessel is not found by the Find function, details will have to be added manually by clicking the BLUE Trip at the bottom of the page.

which will open the “Create Trip dialogue”. Fill details manually Click Save. After Saving the vessel will appear on the Active Log (Trips)

Un-named or Unregistered vessels

In Trips, there are situations where either the vessel name or the vessel registration is not applicable. In these situations, either one may be left empty (but not both). Upon SAVE, the empty field will be automatically set to the value of the other field. Be aware that a vessel's registration is unique to that vessel (No two vessels have the same registration) so typing "Noreg" or "Unreg" is the Registration may result in obtaining incorrect details, as that "registration" may have been used elsewhere.

Some Notes regarding Find

  • The Find algorithm will find any Marine Assist vessel and any vessel previously logged on with the TripWatch station using Find unless TripWatch has been told to forget that vessel.

  • The Marine Assist Database is included in TripWatch

  • When using Find for MA vessels do not put a space between the prefix and the number although Find will usually find the correct vessel, even if you do.

  • Be aware that several vessels may have the same Vessel Name but Registration Numbers are unique.

  • If the record of a previously logged vessel is incorrect you can tell TripWatch to delete the incorrect record by clicking “Forget”.