Setup Your Unit

TripWatch has two environments you can use, the Production (ie live) environment, and the Training environment.

If you are a Coast Guard member then your unit (flotilla) has already been setup as a live unit in the Training environment, so you can log in, take a look around, enter some trips and explore the application at any time. Feel free to enter and update any information you like, the training environment is all about practicing and learning. If you are a member of another VMR organisation, and you can't login to the training environment, then please contact Ricky McGowan via to help setup a unit for your organisation.

For the Production environment, unless you are a unit administrator, you will only be able to login once your unit has gone live. Prior to going live, you will receive a message advising that your unit has not been set up yet.

Each unit can nominate one or more members to be the TripWatch administrators for their unit. These unit administrators are able to login to the production environment, even before its gone live, so they can help setup and customise the production environment ready for their unit to use.

If your unit has marine assist joins via TripWatch (eg via the Coast Guard National Website) then your marine assist admin person can also be setup as a unit administrator, which would allow them to login and mange your units marine assist subscriptions even before your unit has gone live.

Nominating your Unit Administrators

For Coast Guard flotillas, a member of the flotilla's executive can nominate their unit administrators by creating an Issue in the Coast Guard Helpdesk. For other VMR organisations, please contact Ricky McGowan via

How do you log in?

For Coast Guard members, your login is your Coast Guard email address and your password is your normal Coast Guard password that you already use for email, the Portal, etc. If you have forgotten your password, then you can reset it at any time via the following address/URL:

For Marine Rescue Queensland members, you can login by clicking the MRQ Azure Login link at the bottom right of the password entry box.

For other marine rescue organisations, please contact Ricky McGowan via

What needs to be done to go live ?

In order to setup a unit ready to go live in the production environment the unit administrator(s) should perform the following steps;

  • Edit their units record in the units table to ensure all contact information, phone numbers, etc are correct. Everything is used somewhere, so please be sure to complete every field.
  • Run through each option under the Setup menu and add / edit this information as required.
  • Once everything is setup and the unit is ready to go live the unit administrator can edit their units record in the units table and change the "Unit Live" field to Yes.