Unit Management

Unit Management covers all aspects of managing and maintaining an operational unit in TripWatch. This includes rescue vessels, radio frequencies, radio reason codes and locations.

Topics Covered:

  • Setup your Unit
  • Adding Messages to Dashboard
  • Adding Channels (Radio, Phone, SMS, Email)
  • Adding Radio Reason Codes (Radio Check etc.)
  • Add Unit Administrators
  • Update Unit Details (Phone, Marine Assist, Address, Email)

Priority Management

TripWatch Administration uses a priority system to indicate which order items will appear in a list.

Lowest Priority: 1000 Highest Priority: 9999

You can select any number between 1000-9999 to set the priority of the item in the list. This field is required. For something used frequently you might opt to set the priority in the 1000's to ensure its always near the top of the list. Your most used item can be 1000.

Less frequently used options can be higher priorities, it can also be useful to group locations for example. All channels in one geographic area could be 3000 and another 4000 etc.