On-Vessel Mode
If you are logged as "Master" or "Crew" on an Activation you can activate On-Vessel Mode
If you are logged by TripWatch as "Master" or "Crew" on an Activation you can activate TripWatch On-Vessel Mode by logging- on to TripWatch via a browser, just as you would on a computer if you were a Radio Operator" on an Internet connected device with inbuilt GPS aboard the RV.
This will give you the ability to quickly record a "Sitrep" from the vessel that will appear on the TripWatch record, in "Notes". These Sitreps use the GPS position from the device to note the following situations.
Send Current Location, Arrived at target, Vessel in Tow, Returning to Base, Custom SITREP Message, Send TV Location Request by SMS, View Notes, Check Marine Assist Status, Record Delivery of a Disclaimer and eventually Take a Donation.
Depending on what sort of device is being used the On-Vessel screen looks something like this.
Touching any of the Green Buttons will take you to where data can be recorded or to a sub menu.
The Situation Report (Sitrep) button will result in the following sub menu.
By simply touching any of the green buttons a pre-formatted message is composed (and can be edited in Notes if desired). SitReps can include an attachment (eg photos of items found in a SAR or of a vessel in tow, or a voice recording).
Touching the Submit button records the Sitrep and it is then visible to all who wish to view the Activation actions via Notes
The TV Disclaimer button will result in a screen detailing the liability disclaimer and a signature can be obtained from the master of the Assisted vessel
To leave On-Vessel Mode touch the blue Home button.
To return to On-Vessel mode either Log-off then Log-on again or, from TripWatch Home select Operations, then Switch to on-vessel mode.
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