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Add a Second Vessel
A Second Vessel must be registered at the same email address as the primary vessel
To Add a Second Vessel to a Marine Assist Member
  • Obtain Marine Assist Member's Email address and note it
  • Under Marine Assist:
  • Click on Vessels
  • Click on New (Down the bottom of page)
  • Fill in second Vessel Registration, Vessel Name.
  • Find Members Boaters Email from drop down list and click on it
  • Leave Marine Assist Reference blank (Number will be assigned my MA administrator)
  • In Product Code drop down select REDMA2ND
  • Complete other details where possible (Model,Year, Sail Markings, Sail Colour, Engines etc)
  • Click Save
(Note: If you add a vessel to an existing marine assist subscriber whose subscription is currently active (paid up) then the expiry date of that current subscription will be re-calculated (shortened) to cover the additional cost of the newly added vessel. There is no need to take a payment unless the second vessel addition causes the subscription to expire.)
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