Add a New Member
The EASIEST and BEST method of adding a new MA Member is to have the person do it online at
This allows the prospective member to complete complex details such as Vessel and Trailer Registration, Vessel Engine(s) type, MMSI number, Emergency Contacts, Radio etc and also make the subscription payment at that time.
If you want to add a new MA member using TripWatch
From any page click on Marine Assist, New Marine Assist Subscriber, Fill in this form with as much detail as possible.
Fill in Boater Details,
Fill in Vessel Details (Include trailer details, if there is a trailer)
Fill in Vehicle Details (If there is a vehicle)
When complete, click SAVE.
The Boater Detail Window will open. (Note: Status will be
as no payment has been received).
To activate the subscription, scroll to bottom of page and click Renew Button.
This will take you to the payment page where payment may be made directly by
· EFTPOS from the application. (If this is done no receipt need be issued, it will be automatically emailed to the Boater)
· Or by the base EFTPOS Machine
· Or by Cash.
If payment is made via EFTPOS machine or Cash a receipt will be required to created.
Enter the method of payment and the receipt number.
Marine Assist Entry Notes
When filling the form....
Leave Marine Assistance Reference blank. (Number will be assigned by MA Admin.)
For Product Code Field: Select Code for first vessel or Code for second vessel (E.G. BLUEMA or BLUE2MA)
If MA is a 15 month “special” make a note in Comments field for the MA administrator who can adjust the expiry date (you can’t)
The new Marine Assist Entry will automatically be received by the Marine Assist Administrator who will,
· Assign MA Reference No,
· Update/the record by inserting MA reference Number,
· Inform the new boater of their MA reference Number,
· Send the Sticker/Membership card and welcome letter and
· Carry out any required further actions.
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