Renew Existing Member

If you are not confident about Marine Assist Functionality do not attempt it. Refer the issue to the MA Administrator.

From any page click on Marine Assist

  1. Click on Boaters. This will bring up Boaters Listing Page
  2. Click on Search after inserting search term (Surname is the best)
  3. Click on Boaters Email. This will open Boaters Details page. Renewals can only be made from the Boaters Details Page.
  4. Scroll to bottom of Boaters Detail page and click Renew Button. (This button will be there if the renewal is expired or due within 30 days)
  5. This will take you to the payment page.

Payment can be made by

EFTPOS from TripWatch using the Process Payment Now button (i.e entering the EFTPOS card detail directly into TripWatch. If this is done no receipt need be issued)

or by the EFTPOS Machine or by Cash.

If EFTPOS Machine or Cash payment use the Record External Payment button Enter the method of payment and the receipt number.

If payment is made by EFTPOS Machine or Cash, a receipt will be required to be written.