Add A Second Vessel

If you are not confident about Marine Assist Functionality do not attempt it. Refer the issue to the MA Administrator.

Add a Second Vessel to Existing Marine Assist Member

  1. Obtain Marine Assist Member's Email address and note it
  2. Under Marine Assist:
  3. Click on Vessels
  4. Click on New (Down the bottom of page)
  5. Fill in second Vessel Registration, Vessel Name.
  6. Find Members Boaters Email from drop down list and click on it
  7. Leave Marine Assist Reference blank (Number will be assigned my MA administrator)
  8. In Product Code drop down select REDMA2ND
  9. Complete other details where possible (Model,Year, Sail Markings, Sail Colour, Engines etc)
  10. Click Save

(Note: If you add a vessel to an existing marine assist subscriber whose subscription is currently active (paid up) then the expiry date of that current subscription will be re-calculated (shortened) to cover the additional cost of the newly added vessel. There is no need to take a payment unless the second vessel addition causes the subscription to expire.)