Create New Activation

Create an Activation process.

Activations are multi-status, Created, InProgress , Completed or Closed. This allows flexibility by being able to create an activation before all information is known then keeping it as Completed to allow post activation data entry before being Closed.

When initiated, the Activation Status defaults to "In Progress". If the Rescue Vessel tasked for the activation has not been decided you can change the status to "Created" which allows you to start to fill in other details, then change to "In Progress" when RV is assigned.

First actiion..

To start the Create an Activation process, the following entry fields need to be filled. Activation Type: Activated By: Location: Police Notified: If you then, at the bottom of the page click Save, the Activation will appear on the Active Log Page. If you do not Save, continue to enter relevant information. If you have Saved, on the Active Log Page click on the Actions button for the Rescue Vessel and select Edit Activation, to continue.

Second action

Continue to enter information in the following entry fields if relevant… GPS Position: (of activity) and Rescue Vessel (RV) and Crew entry fields (Crew logged as attending as crew appear at the top of Crew List) Weather & Tides entry fields (You can copy and paste from BoM site) and Distress Vessel (DV) Details. (Some will be prefilled if Activation is for a DV on log, or recorded Marine Assist member)

When sufficient information has been entered change the Activation Status: to “InProgress” if in "Created" status (Red border, Dropdown choice), then, at the bottom of the page, click Save. On the Active Log Page the rescue Vessel status will show as “InProgress”. If you want to email the details to the Rescue Vessel, click on the Actions button for the Rescue Vessel and select Email Activation to RV. (In lieu of a Briefing Sheet). For Rescue Vessels without email facilities, selecting Email Activation to RV will send email to (i.e. QF3 Base) where you can print a copy and hand it to Rescue Vessel Master. You cannot email the Activation until the Status is “InProgress”.

During the Activation “InProgress” status a Sitrep can be recorded (e.g. Passing M8 en-route to Tangalooma, DV under tow etc) by using the “Notes” button of the Rescue Vessel (Same as add a note function for a Trip).

At the end of the Activation..

The “Activation Completion Details” section at the bottom of the Activation form should be completed.(Via the Edit process) This information (eventually) will be linked to the National Data Base where Sea Time, Vessel usage and other data is stored. The fields are: DV Assisted at GPS Location: DV Assisted to Location: Actual RV Return Date: Actual RV Return Time: Start Engine 1 Hours (port): End Engine 1 Hours (port): Start Engine 2 Hours (starboard): End Engine 2 Hours (starboard): Activation Cost: Donation Received: Donation Receipt Number Issued: Receipt provided to DV Contact:

Click Save.