Activation for Target Vessel on Log

Activation for TV (Target Vessel) on Log

This is to create an activation for a vessel already on a trip log
On Active Log Page.
On Quick Actions, Actions Button of vessel requesting assistance
Click Create Activation
Fill in the form with as much detail that is available.
At the bottom of the page click on Target Vessel (TV) Details
Fill in the form with as much detail that is available. Details supplied when vessel logged-on or if Marine Assist subscriber will automatically be filled.
At the bottom of the page Click on Rescue Vessel (RV) and Crew
Select the Rescue Vessel to be used from the dropdown, Select the Master, Select the Crew from dropdown. Members signed on to TripWatch will be at the top of the list.
Fill in other details on form.
At the bottom of this form Click Weather and Tides
The Weather forecast is automatically filled from the BoM site. The Tides Time and Height has to be manually entered (use copy and paste from BoM site)
Click Save.
Note: If details are not complete at time of save the Activation can be edited. Click on the Activation Number on the Trips and Activations page, Click Edit.
Notes: An activation notice will appear on the distressed vessel log entry.
An ACTIVATIONS window will open at the top of the Active Log page with the Rescue Vessel trip details. This Active RV can have updates on situation by its Quick Actions Menu.
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