Activation for Training, Medivac, Drills, etc

Activation for Training, Medivac, Drills etc

On Trips & Activations page.

Click New,
At bottom of resulting page (Vessel Search) Click Activation,
Follow the Create an Activation process.(How to Create an Activation)

Activation Notes:

Rescue Vessels are setup in Unit Vessels.

A vessel can have multiple activations assigned to it, each can be given a sequence to indicate the order in which the activations / jobs will be performed (Activation Sequence)

Activations are created, viewed, edited and closed via the main Trips page.

The Activations section only appears at the top of the Trips page when there is at least one “Active” Activation.

An Activation for other than a DV on the Active Log can be linked to an existing trip when desired. (e.g. A Training or Medivac activation is diverted to assist a DV). This is done by using Edit Activation in the Quick Actions section where a dropdown of the logged Trips is shown in the DV Trip box. After Editing Click “Update” and the DV trip shows "[ACTIVATION (xx) In Progress]"